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New Year, New Brows

January 3 2018


2018 is time to do something for yourself! if you've ever been interested in microblading than this is the time for it. Microblading is a semi permanent tattoo technique that creates a fuller more defined brow with small hairlike strokes and last 1 to 3 years. microblading is done in a two step procedure. The first part is the consultation to figure out shape, color (customize the color that matches the clients wants and brow color), and definition, then you are numbed with a topical cream and then the procedure is done. The second procedure is the perfecting retouch which occurs 4 weeks later. this is to perfect any lines or definition that is needed and to also touch up any fading that occurs. microblading is not like a normal tattoo because it is done on the top layer of your skin which is why microblading is semi permanent instead of permanent. It is done using a small manual blade that creates the hair like strokes that will create your new brows! microblading is easy maintenance because once the procedure is over, you no longer need to fill in brows on a daily basis. Tweezing and waxing is still needed. Wax and tweeze a week before your appointment so there is no abrasions or tenderness. 

Procedure cost starts at $600 with a deposit of $300 to hold your appointment ( touch up appointment is included in price)

call to schedule your appointment or if you have any questions! 610-489-5525