How- to beach waves

May 24, 2017

many of you are curious (and ask when in the salon) about how to get the beach wave curl. You know, the super loose curl where it literally looks like the easiest thing to do ever. It really is easy once you get the hang of it. Here is your quick and easy how-to beach wave curl. things you’ll need: 1 inch to 1 and a quarter in curling iron beach wave texture spray stay spray texture gelle texture spray clip step one: In damp towel dried hair apply about 2 pumps of the Texture Gelle from roots to ends. Then spray beach waves around the hair. step two: Tousle dry hair with a blowdryer til dry. Try not to use a round brush if possible, due to it making…

If you’ve been keeping up with post, then you know our most recent post was about curly hair ( and if you haven’t read it yet, read it)! It talks about any possible questions you could have about curls. How to maintain, secrets to keeping them bouncy and fresh, and how to take care of them! Products were talked about but obviously we’re now going to go more in depth with certain products for curly hair! Below, are products that will help keep those curls tamed and fresh! Tousling spray: curl activating product to give a textured wave to your hair. benefits: good for second day curl reforms curl calms frizz   Antifrizz curl creme: curl creme to help smooth and dimish frizz and fly-aways. benefits: holds curl no crunchy…

curly hair dont care

February 24, 2017

    Calling all curls! Are you frustrated with your hair, have no idea how to maintain the curls, or how to style it? Well we have finally gathered tons of research to figure out how we can help you. People are particular about how their curls are going to be maintained and who’s going to maintain them. Curls are hard to work with. Every curl is different. People have frizzy curls and then there is curly hair that is perfect in every way (or so it looks). No curl pattern is the same and people need to realize that. Curls are created by the shape of the cortex formation. Curls are also created by the protein structure and the amount of disulfide bonds that occur in the hair protein….