curly hair dont care

February 24, 2017

    Calling all curls! Are you frustrated with your hair, have no idea how to maintain the curls, or how to style it? Well we have finally gathered tons of research to figure out how we can help you. People are particular about how their curls are going to be maintained and who’s going to maintain them. Curls are hard to work with. Every curl is different. People have frizzy curls and then there is curly hair that is perfect in every way (or so it looks). No curl pattern is the same and people need to realize that. Curls are created by the shape of the cortex formation. Curls are also created by the protein structure and the amount of disulfide bonds that occur in the hair protein….

Shampoo away the dirt!

February 14, 2017

This week our spot light products are….. SHAMPOOS! if you’re one of those people that never shampoo your hair.. like we mean NEVER. Because there are those people out there, well this post then is not for you. but bear with us, maybe you’ll change your mind and start washing your hair again! Now for the people that do, heres the time to really find the products thats right for you. Now, I’m sure you’ve heard numerous times that drug store shampoo is awful for your hair… and it is. Proven fact. Most drugstore shampoos aren’t really what they say they are. Most consist of bar soap ingredients that strip your hair of any essential oils that need to be in, and then make your hair become more oily FASTER!…

Salon evolve has the best products around (our opinion, but we wouldn’t lie! even if we are a little biased!). Our salt and sulfate free ingredients help maintain the hair’s integrity and keeps the hair smooth and shiny all year round. Our ingredients are imported from all around the world and the water added into the products are steam distilled to filter out all unwanted minerals that can damage the hair. Interested in a product but are not sure exactly what it is? In the next up coming weeks, blogs will be posted to tell you about each “group” of products. Shampoos, conditioners, smoothing products, curling products, and much more!! our product line is no joke. Salon evolve has everything and anything you would need in any season. For this…