Salon Evolve Services

Hair Conditioning Treatment

Sunflower Treatment

Sunflower based anti-oxidant solution that is applied after color to neutralize any cuticle damaging free radicals to preserve hair healthy and extend color. Leaves your hair feeling healthy and hydrated!



Olaplex multiplies and rebuilds bonds to eliminate breakage from any chemical service in just 3 easy steps! Ask your stylist about olaplex as an add in service to maintain the integrity and health of your hair!


Biominoil Treatmnet

Price includes treatment and personalized hair experience with a luxurious scalp massage to stimulate not only your senses, but the vital functions of a healthy scalp as well.


BioPhil pH Balanced Treatment

Keep the pH of your hair! This treatment is designed to restore hair to its natural health condition, and repair any damage caused by chemical treatments. BioPhil uses organic ingredients and amino acids for an immediate effect. There are 5 personalized BioPhil treatments. - weak, thin & damaged hair -hair with dandruff -oily scalp and hair -dried-out, fragile, curly hair -delicate and treated hair