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“Fall”ing into Red

September 15 2020


Red hair catches all eyes and the fall season is a perfect time of year for all the red wannabes and should-be’s!  It can be one of the most beautiful colors if done properly and maintained well. Whether you choose a bright red, auburn, or burgundy red, it is always eye-catching.

When choosing the right red for your skin tone, some things to keep in mind:

People with very pale, cool skin tones usually should choose a cooler toned red, and olive skin tones can look at darker reds and not brassy tones. If you have a medium natural based skin tone, you can pull off a medium toned red color, something natural but in the range of cool or warm.

Always consult with a stylist and talk about what you’re looking for and what they think will look best with your skin tone. Having a hair color that does not mix well with your skin can leave you blotchy looking and washed out. A flattering color will leave you looking warm, bright, and glowing.

As popular as red hair has become, it is also higher maintenance than other colors. Red hair can fade fast because it has the largest molecules in any hair color, which makes the red color harder to penetrate any hair strand, hence losing color faster.

Using a color additive shampoo such as Salon Evolve’s anti-fade shampoo, will keep it stronger and brighter for longer periods.

Wash your red hair less and use cooler water to help keep the cuticle closed which holds the color in.

When styling, use heat protectants such as Salon Evolve’s Brilliance Spray to keep your hair healthy and shiny.

Maintaining red hair can be easy, if done correctly. Listen to your stylist and follow their guidelines.