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Added Texture

October 15 2020


Changing your cut can give you just that little change you are craving when it’s a new season. New cuts and chops to your hair give you that fun sassy style. It may be time to add some texture to your hair! Adding texture will keep it in style and easier to maintain.

How about trying your long hair with shaggy layers or a choppy shoulder length hair, maybe a textured lob with bangs, a midi bob, or blunt elongated layers.  Shaggy layers with long hair are great for people that can’t stray away from their long hair. Keeping the length at your shoulders make people feel their hair is still “longer” but a new cut. The choppy style makes it feel free and not uniformed. Textured lobs and midi bobs are great for people ready to take their hair to a different style. Cutting your hair short for the cool season will give it that fresh clean feeling.

All styles look great with some added texture. So why not start the new season with added texture for your new look.