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February 1 2017


Winter is here! And it’s a very drying time of the year to the hair. The season is changing and so is your hair. Conditioning treatments are key to weather change because your hair will be changing with it. Salon evolve has always had a thing for conditioning treatments. Each treatment is suited perfectly for each client that walks through our door. You might have Dry hair, fine hair, colored hair, curly hair, or super oily hair. Well, we are here to help. we offer SIX different conditioning treatments; the sunflower, biomin, trinity, moisture mania, biophyl and olaplex. To explain… Each conditioning treatment is “treated” in its own way. Each one processes differently, and each one you may personally love more than another.

Sunflower Treatment

Our first conditioning treatment is the Sunflower treatment. If you have color treated hair, or just want a little pick me up for your hair, then this is the treatment for you. The sunflower treatment is a cream type product that is added to damp hair after shampooing. It is left onto the damp hair for 5-10 minutes, depending on your hair type and porosity. After sitting with it on for the lotted minutes, it is then rinsed off and your stylist will proceed with your haircut or style you are finishing with.

Biomin Treatment

Our second conditioning treatment is our biomin. The biomin is great for our blonde friends and anyone with damaged hair. The biomin is an oil based conditioning treatment. The way this is treated is we wash the hair, towel dry the hair and then add the biomin to each section of the hair. Then we take our clients and let them sit under a warm head dryer to help the biomin penetrate the cuticle of the hair. When that is done, the stylist will decide if it should be washed out, but most prefer to leave it in and blow dry it into the hair to make the conditioning treatment work to its best ability.

Moisture Mania

Do you feel like your hair is dryer than bark on a tree and nothing is helping it? well moisture mania is probably your best bet. The moisture mania is best for dry and damaged hair. The moisture mania is created using the indulge and the moroccan miracle. the treatment is left on damp hair for 10 minutes and lets it penetrate the hair just enough to add moisture back into the strands.


our fourth conditioning treatment is our trinity.This treatment is perfect for our clients with any type of hair. It will help cure any problem you have. Our trinity is made by our hair mask (indulge), moroccan miracle, and the biomin all into one. you can either sit with this on in our secluded shampoo room, or put under the dryer for a lotted time. All depends on what your stylist believes is best for your hair.



Olaplex was a big hit in 2015 and 2016 and will be an even bigger hit in 2017. this is one of the best things you can do to your hair ( no matter what problem you have with it). what olaplex does is it reconnects broken bonds in the hair strand that created damaged hair. olaplex is a three step process. The first step is its added into your hair color, lightener or toner. the second step is after you have the color rinsed from your hair “step 2” is added onto the hair strands. you then sit with the treatment on for ten minutes. after the allotted time, you can get shampooed and conditioned and proceed to your finishing style or haircut. the third step is a take home treatment. this treatment can be put on once a week and left on from ten minutes to sleeping with it over night. olaplex is called “the insurance for hair.”



The biophyl is our newest type of treatment.. Well actually 5 treatments! The biophyl is 5 different types of treatments customized for different hair types. Each client is assessed to see what problems they have with their hair, what is causing trouble and then given the treatment idolized for your hair. Each treatment is put onto the hair after being washed and get blown into your hair. It leave each hair strand, smoother, fuller, and beautiful!


so during this crazy weather,  come treat yourself for a nice conditioning treatment to help repair and sooth your hair. come in for just the treatment, or add it to your next service!

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