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Your Next Style?

May 15 2020


Your next big cut & color.

What are you going to do? It’s about time to start planning for your trip back to the salon.

Your hair has probably grown out an inch or two (or three yikes!) Maybe you cut it yourself or your spouse cut it and, well you know…you may never go out again until it is fixed up!

How about your color? Are your gray hairs showing? Maybe you think you can rock the gray look. Or maybe this just might be the chance for you to finally change to the color you always wanted to try, but never let your hair grow out enough to take the leap over to a new look!

Well if any of these feelings are happening to you, you are not alone, but NOW is the time to start preparing for your fresh look.

Here are some ideas that can help you and your stylist get ready for your return.

1. Take a picture of how your hair looks now.

2. Research some hair styles on-line that you are considering.

3. Look at hair colors you like. Do you want something new?

4. Jot down a list of any color products you may have used on your hair and the dates they were applied.

5. Any information, whether you changed products during quarantine or just did your own trim will be helpful.

6. Share all the above with your stylist before your appointment, so you both are prepared for the next steps. A conference call or face time may be required depending upon you or your stylists needs. This may save time so your stylists can be prepared for your return appointment.

Here’s to getting back to beauty and seeing you soon! Don’t forget to support your local businesses!