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New trends and styles; whats the difference?

January 5 2017


New trends and styles come out every year. whether it’s color, highlights, a cut or extensions, it’s ever evolving. People see pictures on Pinterest, Google, Magazine’s, Facebook, any type of social media and want that style. But, do you ever see the same style with two to three different names? Each style may look similar, but it’s completely different. The four most common and popular names that get mixed up are balayage, sombre, ombre, and highlights. Each has its own technique and style that stylists are sent to classes to learn. 

Balayage is a technique for highlighting the hair. The color, or lightener, is painted onto the hair where it gives a gradual and natural looking effect to the hair. Each piece of hair is hand picked by your stylist to give you the look you’re trying to achieve. Balayage is not placed at the root but close to the scalp to give more of a natural sun bleached look. Not all hair strands are colored because the style is going for more of a highlighted or face framing look.  Balyage can be created with any color you choose within reason. Balayage can be either a high-maintenance hairstyle or a low maintenance, depending on the style trying to be achieved.


Sombre hair is close to ombre, but it’s a more subtle look. This look is more of a grown out summer hair style. An ombre rooty look with pieces getting brighter to the bottom. When stylist work with this hairstyle, they can choose pieces to create a darker or lighter effect so the hair has dimension. Sombre is an easier maintenance hairstyle for clients that can’t get to asalon every one to two months ( college and high school students or clients with a low maintenance style).


Ombre hair, as said before, is very close to sombre hair ( as you can tell since the nme is one letter off!) Ombre hair is a style where the roots are dark and become much lighter at the bottom with subtle shading to blend. This stle can have little upkeep do to the look of grown out roots. Since the style goes dark to light, you don’t need constant touch up unless your base color is very different than the achieved color. If that is the case, then it might be more of a high maintenance look for some people. Ombre is painted on, just like balyage, but covers most to all of the hair strands at the bottom of t he hair.


Highlighting is created with foils. Unlike the three other hair styles, highlighting is created with a weaving affect to give more of a uniform style. Stylist select the way they want the foils placed and follow that order to keep them all looking uniformed. Highlights can be created with bleach or color and highlights can be a lighter or darker color (lowlights).  Highlights are a more high maintenance hairstyle because they are placed at the root. As the roots grow out, so do your highlights. Highlights are also a good hairstyle if you’re are trying to go blonder but without all the added damage as if you would have with a double process.


Without really looking into these hairstyles, you might get them confused. Bring in pictures and really talk to your stylist about the type of look and maintence you’re trying to achieve at your appointment!

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