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Non-Essential Business?

April 15 2020



Are you kidding me!! I bet you would beg to differ, we sure do!

Which now means your hair isn’t getting its professional treatment any time soon.

Many of us have just had enough. After all, spring is the time that everyone wants to freshen up their look.

So, we are sharing some tips to help you make it through this quarantine until we can re-open our doors again (hopefully soon)

What to do…

  • Taking a break from heat styling may not be so bad. So, if you don’t have to wash your hair so often, it won’t dry out as easily and your color won’t fade as quickly.

  • How about a good dry shampoo like Evolves Freshen-Up to help extend time between washes? It not only preserves the color, but it adds shine and gives volume too.

  • If you need a quick color fix, try a powdered temporary color for your roots.

  • Try hydrating your hair with a Sunflower deep conditioning treatment. Not only does it moisturize and add shine, but it also holds your color longer. You will LOVE it.

  • Try some different styles with your hair. Have a little fun with headbands or other hair accessories.

Important that you don’t forget that using home hair color often ends up needing costly corrections down the road. So just try to be as patient as possible and if you think you can rock your natural colored roots a little while longer, go for it. Otherwise, check out our on-line store, where you can order hair touch up kits with your formula for curbside pick-up, root spray and over 60 products and treatments to keep your hair at its best. Once you’ve tried Evolve healthy hair products, you’ll be hooked.

Thank you for supporting your hair stylists and our small business! Stay safe everyone.