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Olaplex: what is all the hype?

January 5 2017


Olaplex has been one of the top growing products in the salon industry in the past year. But what the heck is it and what does it do? Basically, it’s insurance for your hair. Olaplex reconnects the bonds in your hair so your hair does not become damaged after all your services. Olaplex is a three step process but doesn’t take up much extra time during your salon visit or when you are at home.

The three step process is what makes this product so amazing.  If you skip one, you might at well not even bother with the rest. The all go off of each other to make the product work best. The three step process goes by color, shampoo, take home. The first step is when the olaplex is added to the color. So the first process is a liquid form. This is what helps keep your bonds together while the color processes and breaks into the hair strands. So basically, when you are getting lightener or color to your hair, it’s breaking the keratin bonds of the hair. What olaplex does is it keeps the bonds together after the process of color is complete. The second step is what does that. The second step is a cream “conditioner” treatment that is added to the hair after your hair is done processing. The stylist will rinse the color or lightener out of your hair but will not shampoo it. Then she will towel dry the hair and apply the second step. The second step will penetrate the hair strands and reconnect the bonds. This will sit on your hair for 5 to 15 minutes. Your stylist can continue to shampoo and condition the hair once the second step is completed. The last step is the take home. The take home is a deep conditioning treatment that you put onto your hair when you’re in the shower. You can leave this on from 5 minutes up to a night of sleep! This will help keep your hair protected in between services. Still not convinced yet? well you will be.

Olaplex has no silicone, no sulfate, is gluten free, no DEA, and is not tested on animals. Olaplex can be used on any type of hair. Getting Balayage done? Olaplex can be used. Have extensions? still can be used! Olaplex is perfect for everything and it doesn’t damage your hair… it fixes it.  

Olaplex came to salon evolve a little over a two years ago, and it is becoming a huge hit in our business. Salon evolve lives by this product. we try to advise every client to use this product, but it is always the client’s choice. Olaplex is $35 for the first two steps. The third step (the take home) is an additional amount that you can either choose to buy or not buy.

Olaplex is one of the fastest growing products in the salon industry. It protects and treats the hair to keep it from high breakage. Come in and try this product at your next service! You will always have it added to your service after you first try it! 

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