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Those Eyes

August 15 2020


For all you ladies that like to rock a bold red lip or a warm summer pink for kissing lips…. you're probably frowning right now behind your covid mask!

The good news is that it is a great time to accent those eyes! When surveying 8 out of 10 people, eyes are the feature that gets most noticed.

Where should you start?  Michael F who is a make-up pro at Salon Evolve suggests “having your eyes professionally made up so you get some good advice and direction when it comes to applying eye make-up yourself.”

Ashley A., another make-up artist at Evolve says "Each of us do have our own special color palette. Some skin looks great with the pastel and sun-kissed glow makeup, while others with darker tones can go for the heavier metals and some smoky colors to compliment their fall wardrobe.

Golden lids are always in, but you may want to try lightening up the gold for a brighter look and adding the smoky shades around the outer corners of the eyes. If you like the full smoky look, try a copper eyeshadow on the full lid.

Lastly, do not forget that if you want full lashes all the time, consider eyelash extensions. No more mascara or clumpy runny eyes. Your eyes will look finished all the time.