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Bridal Services

At Salon Evolve, we do everything we can to make sure that you feel your best on your special day. Check out our timeline below to learn more about what we reccomend before the wedding and the day of.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 6104895525 or email us at!

9 Months


  • If you plan on changing your hair color start now. Don't go too far from what you feel comfortable with and keep it more natural not trendy.
  • Once you get your color where you want it maintain it every 6-8 weeks.
  • This will give you time to grow your hair a bit.
  • Always do conditioning treatments to keep your hair in optimum health:
  • - sunflower, olaplex, & biomen

6 Months

  • Book hair and make up trials for 2 months.
  • Schedule wedding party appointments for day of (be sure to allow enough timing).
  • This is the time when you really need to start creating a shape in your eyebrows. This will allow areas that need to grow grow and get a good solid shape book appointments every 4 weeks to allow shaping and maintaining.

3 Months


  • Always have a picture.
  • Once you get your color where you want it maintain it every 6-8 weeks.
  • After leaving the salon have a friend or relative take a picture of your hair from different angles.
  • - Try and plan your trial accordingly with a dress fitting so you can see it all together.
  • - Wear white to your trial.
  • - If you plan on wearing any hair accessories bring them along w your veil to get an idea of where they will sit.

1 Month

  • Lash extensions - full set takes about 2 hours. Take this time to relax.

2 Weeks

  • Last trim and color retouch

1 Week

  • Lash refill
  • Final brow wax

Day Before

  • Come in and treat your self for a blow dry to prep the hair and have a great lasting style for your rehearsal.
  • If styling your hair yourself talk to your stylist about what products to use and techniques to make the blow dry last and prep it for your wedding day.

The Big Day

  • Day old dry hair prepped w proper products to help hold the style
  • - Cleansed moisturized skin
  • - Button down shirt/something very loose to easily be able to get over your head
  • - Allow enough time for your appointment